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Sevenoaks Racquet Stringing Service


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Stringing Service

Sweet Sports offers professional  racquet  stringing and racquet servicing.  Charlie Sweet is  part of the United Kingdom Racquet Stringer Association (U.K.R.S.A) and has the Professional Stringer qualification. This  high level of certification is a world recognised qualification. The U.K.R.S.A & U.S.R.S.A  has supplied professional stringers to service racquets at The Wimbledon Championships for many years, stringing racquets for the very  top professionals in the game.

Sweet Sports Racquet Stringing Service includes complimentary racquet maintenance, such as  over grip replacements, grommet head replacements and racquet logo stencilling. Logs of all our clients racquets are kept so if you feel you need more power or more control than your last re-string we can adjust the tension  to best suit your playing ability.

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We string racquets for people who live in and around Sevenoaks in Kent. If you live locally and would like us to  re-string your racquet please contact Charlie to arrange pick up and delivery. Or if your not local but would still like us to take care of your racquet please click here and fill out the form on the following page to have a padded racquet bag sent to you and send your racquet to us by post.

Standard restring £18

Advanced restring £20

Providing your own string.. £10

Call us on 07786 166009